Andrea Antolini



July 05, 2021

05:04 Audacious Feature #1116 (New): feature request: miniview mode with QT or GTK interace
Just an idea about to have a sort of "miniview" mode with QT or GTK interface.
See attached imaage as example..

April 24, 2020

11:48 Audacious Feature #979 (Closed): Two little feature requests for Qt interface and playlists
Hi, first of all thanks to your effort to develop this multimedia player (I enjoy it since 3.1 times)
then I have ...

February 01, 2014

20:50 Audacious Bug #399 (Closed): Song info sometime is too wide since update GTK3 lib to version 3.10.6
Hi... I'm using Audacious 3.4.3 on an Archlinux 64bit box
Since GTK3 libs have been updated to version *3.10.6* (n...

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