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  • Audacious (Manager, Developer, June 20, 2012)


November 16, 2020

11:43 Audacious Bug #1031: Song Lyrics again not working
Screenscraping is likely something that will get us DMCA'd. I'd rather not.
11:38 Audacious Plugin Development: RE: Feature Support: new VGM gme version 0.7.0 (or 0.6.0 at least)
The version of GME we include in Audacious is highly modified. I can look into porting the GME 0.7 features.
11:32 Audacious Audacious: RE: Audacious' open source license?
It is possible to relicense software if all relevant copyright holders agree to it.
We spent several years working...
11:27 Audacious Plugin Development: RE: LyricWiki
I will look into what sites Clementine is scraping for lyrics soon. I have been very busy with other work for the pa...

June 30, 2020

16:49 Audacious Audacious: RE: change language
It will automatically choose the correct locale based on system locale.

June 27, 2020

15:45 Audacious Audacious: RE: windows version
Probably either:
- mixing third-party plugins compiled for a newer (or very old) audacious in your install
- so...

June 26, 2020

22:05 Audacious Audacious: RE: windows QT test version
Windows enablement is one of the reasons why I started working on adapting the tree to use Meson. As previously stat...

June 25, 2020

18:59 Audacious Audacious: the forum moving forward
These days, it seems many people do not really use the forum, and the majority of work on Audacious these days is coo...
18:51 Audacious Plugin Development: RE: projectM - where is the plugin
About a year ago, I attempted to resurrect the plugin, but I found that libprojectM is quite unstable when used with ...
18:37 Audacious Plugin Development: RE: feature request: audio decoders
These codecs are all supported via ffmpeg. We generally do not write custom plugins when ffmpeg provides an already ...

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