the forum moving forward

Added by Ariadne Conill about 4 years ago

These days, it seems many people do not really use the forum, and the majority of work on Audacious these days is coordinated on GitHub.

Some people have suggested that we replace it with a Discord server or something along those lines -- other applications like Audacious have done similar with some level of success.

I would like to decommission Redmine, as it has a high maintenance cost for us. I think it makes sense to replace it (and the equally dead IRC channel) with something that people actually claim to enjoy using.


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RE: the forum moving forward - Added by John Lindgren about 4 years ago

It does seem that a majority of the useful contributions recently are submitted directly to GitHub pull requests, while Redmine receives only an occasionally meaningful bug report. I think the current Redmine setup does not provide users with much guidance in how to create a useful report, nor when to create an issue vs. a forum post. Maybe enabling issue tracking on GitHub, with a good template, could help in that regard. Some additional tags/categories that project members (and not the issue author) can assign would be nice too: "Discussion", "Support", "New Feature", "Bug", "More Information Needed", "Help Wanted", etc.

Discord sounds fine to replace IRC + forums. I haven't personally used it before, but I'm happy to try something new.

RE: the forum moving forward - Added by John Lindgren about 4 years ago

If there's a way to leave Redmine up for a while in read-only mode (with a prominent message redirecting people to GitHub and/or Discord), that would be nice rather than killing it completely.