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text inside the "Song Info" window is glitching out

Added by Alex . almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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August 06, 2022
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I found some problems reading the song info (ID3-tags, metadata) of tracks with long comments.

The moves to reproduce:
1. create or download a file with a huge comment e.g. long track-list
2. open the song info and scroll down to the comment field
3. slowly scroll further down
-> the field is only shown as long as its firth line is visible and jumps straight towards the next field as soon this line disappears
4. scroll back (upwards) to the comments field, now use your windows-manager to maximize or increase the song info window
-> as bigger the window becomes as more of the comments field gets visible; still not sufficient for very long comments (some live-sets have over 120 lines)

What I also noticed:
- the comments field is the only one without a title
- clicking on the comments field makes it instantly disappear
- on the windows version, the comments field is single-lined
and further
- some ID3-field are completely missing i.g. "group", "bpm" and "keywords"
- you can't edit any song-info (feature request)

Expected behavior:
- set the comment field to the end of the ID3 section (maybe move the technical section on top or into a separate tap)
- make the comment field scroll-able (maybe a separate scroll-bar for an easy fix)
- make the comment field multi-lined (Win64)
- optimally: make the ID3/metadata editable

Audacious-windows.jpg (41.4 KB) Audacious-windows.jpg Alex ., August 06, 2022 11:26


#1 Updated by John Lindgren almost 2 years ago

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The screenshot you attached is of the legacy GTK2 interface, which is deprecated. Please consider switching to the newer Qt interface.

If you are still having an issue in the Qt interface, please attach a new screenshot of that issue.

#2 Updated by Alex . almost 2 years ago

Great, I switched to the Qt version, got the bigger comments field plus the tags became editable.

So the only "bugs" left are the strange scrolling-behaviour and some missing tag-fields.
I guess parting the info-window via taps into metadata and technical would solve the problem
but I am no developer.

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