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April 08, 2021

22:38 Audacious Plugin Development: RE: Updating the 2sf plugin
Thank you for looking after 2sf! I was looking at trying to get gsf (GBA) and usf (N64) working in Audacious, but the...

April 07, 2021

01:05 Audacious Audacious: RE: Feature wish: GameBoy Advance sound file support
Would filing a bug report give this request any further attention?
I recently tried to use
01:00 Audacious Feature #883: Consider adding USF plugin
@Jarrod, are you still able to use this plug-in without issue? I recently found that same repository and attempted to...
00:47 Audacious Feature #882: Consider adding vgmstream plugin
Looking into vgmstream was actually the reason I recently (re-)discovered Audacious (before then I was making do with...

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