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CD-Text in Japanese is displayed as gibberish

Added by Net Helin over 6 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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April 10, 2018
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CD-Text from some Japanese CDs is displayed as gibberish. It seems to be encoded in MS-JIS. It should be possible to read CD-Text using this character encoding so it's displayed correctly.

Audacious CD-Text.png (99.4 KB) Audacious CD-Text.png screenshot Net Helin, April 26, 2018 12:18
audacious-gdb.txt (2.75 KB) audacious-gdb.txt debugging output Net Helin, April 28, 2018 06:08


#1 Updated by John Lindgren about 6 years ago

Under File -> Settings -> Advanced -> Compatibility, have you tried setting "Auto character encoding detector" to Japanese?

Or have you tried prepending "MS-JIS" to the list of fallback character encodings?

#2 Updated by John Lindgren about 6 years ago

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#3 Updated by Net Helin about 6 years ago

I've tried changing the detector to Japanese and entering various fallback encodings (like MS932 and SHIFT-JIS; MS-JIS doesn't seem to be an actual encoding name), and then re-adding the CD. It seems these settings don't affect CD-Text decoding at all.

#4 Updated by John Lindgren about 6 years ago

Can you extract one of those titles and post it here in hex? (The exact bytes that are on the disk, not what is displayed in the GUI.)

One way to do this would be to run in a debugger and stop at the following line:

#5 Updated by Net Helin about 6 years ago

Hmm, not sure if it's useful. I think it's already converted at that point.

#6 Updated by John Lindgren about 6 years ago

Audacious hasn't done any conversion of the strings at that point; they are byte-for-byte what is returned by cdtext_get_const() (part of GNU libcdio). So either libcdio is doing some kind of conversion, or the software that burned the disk got it wrong.

Have you been able to read the CD-Text for this disk successfully with any other player? Can you copy and paste a few of those same strings in Unicode as they ought to be rendered?

#7 Updated by John Lindgren about 6 years ago

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We don't really have enough info to solve this. Closing.

#8 Updated by jesus2099 💗 over 3 years ago

I have the same issue.
Tell my how I can give you more info.

I have a CD that makes the same giberish character tracklist shown as in OP.
Changing the advanced settings (Auto character encoding detector and fallback character encodings) has zero effects.
It has the following CD-TEXT:

  1. MS-JIS Japanese
  2. ISO-8859-1 English

I have another CD (, that triggers a CDDB error (I didn't find where to change URL to
The tracklist has no titles.
It has the following CD-TEXT:

  1. ISO-8859-1 English
  2. MS-JIS Japanese

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