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Support Replay Gain stored in ID3v2 TXXX fields

Added by Dan Hurler about 11 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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April 17, 2013
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I am using Audacious 3.2.3 on Mint Linux x64 installed from the package manager. Replaygain appears to be ignored with mp3 files regardless of tag format. I've tried id3v1 tags, id3v2.3, id3v2.4, APEv2, and all combinations of them to no avail so it doesn't appear to be an issue relating to tag parsing.

Replaygain does work with FLAC encoded files and Vorbis ogg files on my computer. I just checked AAC encoded files using the Nero encoder and replaygain is not working with them either.

FYI - all files were encoded from FLACs ripped off a CD and then replaygain scanned using foobar2000 under WINE. Just in case anyone thinks this is related to using foobar2000 under WINE to rip and replaygain scan I tested all the same files using VLC and in every single case replaygain worked. (356 KB) Mike Daniels, June 21, 2015 14:56


#1 Updated by Dan Hurler about 11 years ago

I just confirmed the bug as it relates to mp3 files IS related to the tagging scheme used. When APE tags are used exclusively Audacious is able to parse the replaygain information correctly but with all variants of id3 tags the replaygain information is just returned as null values.

#2 Updated by John Lindgren about 11 years ago

Please upload an example file. Replay Gain works correctly with the MP3s in my collection.

#3 Updated by John Lindgren about 11 years ago

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Closing due to lack of response.

#4 Updated by Виктор Александрович over 9 years ago

The same on Ubuntu 14.04.2

#5 Updated by Mike Daniels about 9 years ago

I've noticed too that mp3 and replaygain seems problematic in Audacious. Here's an example attached.

I've created 2 soundclips. The first one is normalized, the second is the same clip but was lowered in volume with 24 dB. Then they were converted to mp3 (using LAME) and I used the built-in functionality in Winamp ("Calculate ReplayGain") on the mp3s. Winamp then reports 'Track Gain -0.58 dB' on the first file and '+23.65 dB' on the second.

Now, when these files are played in Winamp (using replaygain) they are undistinguishable in volume, since the replaygain compensates the volume. Playing the same 2 files in Audacious 3.6.2a with replaygain activated reveals that the replaygain data isn't read, because the (rather large) volume difference is heard.

Hope this example is clear enough. :)

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Thank you for providing an example. There are (at least) two competing formats for storing Replay Gain in ID3v2 tags. Audacious supports the official1 RVA2 (relative volume adjustment) field, which is the format written by e.g. mp3gain. The example you uploaded uses a "newer" format2 that uses free-form text (TXXX) fields. Audacious currently does not support this format.



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