Feature #1017

QT Global Hotkeys rework proposal and cross-platform support

Added by Domen Mori almost 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Start date:
August 22, 2020
Due date:
January 08, 2021
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Estimated time:
48.00 h
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I would like to rework QT global hotkeys plugin to also work on Windows and Mac (does audacious even work on mac)?

I would use this library:

I wrote small PoC in my side and it works, it can be done. The way I used to integrate the library is copy source code files into the repository for QT hotkeys plugin. This way, no additional build / linking step is needed.

If I do the whole rework of plugin by adding this library, do you agree / will the PR be accepted?


#1 Updated by John Lindgren over 3 years ago

Sorry for the late reply on this. Also for not having gotten to your previous pull request for Windows/GTK yet.

The QHotkey library looks at first glance like an excellent option. Obviously no one can make an absolutely promise to merge a pull request before seeing it, but I would do my best to make time to review it.

I have also recently worked through some remaining issues with running the Qt interface on Windows, so I think that will be the default in the next release.

#2 Updated by Domen Mori over 3 years ago

Thanks for considering. I have the solution working on my side. At first, I didn't even realize that QT is not the default in Windows, I implemented hotkeys support, then after realizing that Windows actually uses GTK, I implemented it there as well (you commented on my PR on github). I realized that there's a major issue with QT version of Audacious for Windows, namely audtool doesn't work well. When using audtool together with QT version, it takes minutes to do any command (something with dbus). Well, if you fixed / will fix the issue, then QT version can work, as far as my usage goes.

#3 Updated by John Lindgren over 3 years ago

audtool is most likely not working because GDBus needs a GLib main loop running. Fixing it might be as simple as recompiling Qt with GLib support.

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