Nicolas Molunier

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September 07, 2022

10:09 Audacious Feature #1187 (New): Second click on column's header: reverse the sorting order
Successive clicks on column's header could allow to toggle sort order by increasement/decreasement
10:06 Audacious Feature #1186 (Rejected): Column "Last modifed"
Request for a column that could allow to sort songs by last "modified/added"
10:03 Audacious Bug #1185: Replty to #1182 (sorry did not found the "Reply button")
Ok...seems than we can't add images to posts.
Here they are uploaded.
10:01 Audacious Bug #1185 (Rejected): Replty to #1182 (sorry did not found the "Reply button")
Hi...John Lindgren
Strange there is not reply button there in this panel
I just wanted to...

August 23, 2022

11:47 Audacious Support #1182 (New): UI Qt mode : Icons theme is not correctly restored between sessions (Mint 20.3)
Audacious 4.2
Setting icons theme to "uni (dark)" is incorrectly restored after quit & restart.
Note that the "...

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