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August 11, 2020

18:29 Audacious Audacious: RE: winamp skins
John Lindgren wrote:
> Don't submit bug reports for known issues that have already been reported (#859).
> You ...
18:25 Audacious Audacious: RE: winamp skins
John Lundgren:
In the Windows edition of audacious, the BMP files in WinAMP have to be changed to PNG files in ord...

May 05, 2019

15:31 Audacious Audacious: RE: Bug #859: Audacious Skins Bug
Thanks for clarifying.

May 04, 2019

21:30 Audacious Audacious: Bug #859: Audacious Skins Bug
Has this been fixed yet?
I ask because outside of this on...
21:28 Audacious Bug #859: .wsz skins cannot be used on Windows
Has this bug been fixed?
21:26 Audacious Audacious: RE: Feature wish: GameBoy Advance sound file support
Why not file a bug report?

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